Club Fitting

Custom Fitting


We understand it's not all about taking lessons to gain the edge in your game. Nowadays, having clubs custom fitted should be the only way to purchase equipment and we pride ourselves on giving a very unique experience in this area.

Whether you are looking to buy your first set of golf clubs or are investing in the latest technology, our team will be happy to take you through the Duncan Abbott academy of golf custom fitting process.

Custom fitting is a thorough process that guarantees you will be fitted to clubs that are unique to your requirements. You will be fitted for crucial aspects such as length, lie, loft, shaft flex, grip and set make up. Our custom fitting sessions are created and designed to give you the complete solution.

Custom fitting sessions are charged but subsequently the price of the session is deducted from the price of your clubs should you choose to purchase them. We work very closely with all major brands so it helps us deliver to you, the best value experience around

Irons or driver fitting (60 minutes) £30.00

Full bag fit 120 (120 minutes) £45.00

60 min GC2 gap fitting sessions (yardage check) £30.00