All visitors should ideally be members of golf clubs or registered societies and possess a valid handicap certificate before playing.

Handicap certificates are official proof of your golfing abilities and must be produced if requested by the club.

One of the reasons golf is such a popular game is that a system of handicapping means players of all abilities can play against each other; meaning good players with a low handicap can play those with a higher handicap and the game can still remain competitive.

Competition handicaps mean you must have returned the required number of qualifying scores in the previous year to ensure you have the ‘c’ annotation after your handicap at the start of the following year. Players not meeting the minimum number of scores will be identified as such due to the ‘c’ not appearing on their CONGU handicap certificate. Qualifying scores of less than the required number are not permitted to be carried forward to the next year. The ‘c’ will automatically be added to the player’s CONGU handicap as soon as the correct amount of (complete round) qualifying scores have been returned.

Competition handicaps are not required for pay and play social golf or society / visitor outings, however, they are required as an entry criterion for all our open competitions.

Whilst on the course Juniors / Juveniles without a handicap must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Management reserves the right to exclude any golfer from the course or the premises for any reports of poor Golfing Etiquette or acts of unbecoming conduct which causes annoyance and disturbance to other persons using the golf course.